Cleaning Silk Ties

Cleaning silk ties can be challenging. But, if cared for properly a silk tie can last for years.

If you want to prolong the life of your tie, here are some cleaning tips to keeping your ties in pristine condition:

  1. Spot clean with a damp, smooth cloth
  2. Use salt, talcum powder, or cornstarch to absorb a grease stain
  3. Do not wash your tie
  4. Do not get your tie wet
  5. If having your tie dry cleaned, take it to a tie specialist

What to do when you get a stain on your tie?

First thing to do to remove a stain is to immediately spot clean it with a smooth, damp cloth of seltzer water. I said smooth cloth because any friction with the fabric of the tie and the cloth may damage the weave and completely ruin the garment.

 Salt, Corn Starch, or Talcum Powder

Grease stains pretty much spell tragedy for your tie. However, if you should ever get grease on your tie, immediately take some talcum powder, cornstarch, or salt if you are out to eat, and completely cover the stain.

Doing this will allow the salt or powder to absorb the grease and not allow the grease to set into the fabric before having it properly cleaned.

I would not recommend using a spot cleaner because you never know what reaction the chemicals may have with the fabric.

Do Not Wash Your Tie

To protect your tie from changing shape, never wash it. If need be, take it to the dry cleaners. And only take it to dry cleaners that specialize in tie care. Too often than not, once a tie has been washed, it no longer looks or functions the same.

A tie is made of many different fabrics, which when washed or dry cleaned, my react different ways. It will become misshapen due to some fabrics reaction to water and once shrinkage sets in, you can say good bye to your tie.

Do Not Wet Your Tie

For the same reasons you would not want to wash it, do not get the tie wet. The best advice is to just let the specialty dry cleaners handle cleaning it so not to ruin a perfectly good article of clothing.

Chances are, you will fall in love with our ties. And when you do, we have two options to properly care for or replace your beloved item of clothing:

  1. You can send it to us to have it expertly cleaned; or
  2. You can utilize our “Acquire-Before-Retire™” Service

Because silk ties are such delicate pieces of clothing, it is paramount that you try your best to keep it as clean as you can. Caring for you tie can be a sometimes feel like a tight rope walk but, it is worth it in the end.

With the use of our expert tie cleaning service and if you follow these guidelines, your tie will last a lifetime…

....Chichi !

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