The Necktie,
A Brief History

The necktie, and the history of necks ties, is so elusive that it is hard to pinpoint exactly where it originated from. The use of neck wear is so universal that no one person or culture can truly claim its origins.

Who or what started the trend is in actuality relative to whose history you are referencing.

For that reason, to go into explicit details about where this garment originated and by whom would be speculative.

However, some historians believe that the necktie originated in China in the 17th century with the first recorded evidence of neck wear depicted by the statues of Emperor Shi Huang Ti and his 7500 terracotta soldiers.

But even before the acknowledgement of Shi Huang Ti, African Tribes and Egyptian Pharaohs wore some form of neck wear to display wealth, status, and importance.

Most historians credit the military for establishing the trend in neck wear due to the fact that it was the military who originally wore them as a means of protection from the elements.

It was the Croatian troops who first introduced knotted ties, known as cravats- not to be confused with unrelated derivation of the French word for Croatian, croate- to Europe at the onslaught of the 30 year war that started in 1616.

It was through the success of the Croatian troops in battle that the cravat became the symbol of victory and became synonymous with victory and success. Thus, was adapted by the French and the French adopted the trend.

Through adaptation, neck wear has transitioned and has consumed many forms that has now evolved into the style that you see before you today. 

Did you know that the common tie that most men wear has a patent?  

The very design and style that we are accustomed to now was patented by Jesse Langsdorf in 1924.

Caring for and keeping up with your garment, preserves a little bit of history and we are happy to provide you with the means in which to do it.

Chichi Ties is here to challenge the conventional use and style of the traditional tie and in hopes of creating a little history of our own as…

The First tie company in history, exclusively for her...
...Chichi !

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