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A Fine Hand

 Wo mens ties can have the same great qualities that make a man’s tie exceptional.

Every tie has something special that makes it worthy of purchase. But there is something to be said about a well crafted, finely made tie.

Ties instill an emotional response to those that admire and appreciate its finer characteristics. Just as a wine connoisseur is a lover of fine wine, a tie connoisseur is a lover of a fine hand.

The term hand is a term that tie lovers have coined to describe the admiration of the finer qualities and details of a fine tie.

It is used to describe the appreciation of the volume, texture, fall, and feel.

The Feel

The feel describes how the tie’s material feels as it move across your fingers.

The Volume of Weight

The weight of silk is measured by a momme, (pronounced to rhyme with tummy) the international measurement for silk. This is one of the most important aspect of a tie’s hand.

When it comes to a fine hand, the heavier the silk, the fuller, more satisfying and comfortable the feel.

With that same respect, the heavier the silk the thicker the tie.

The Fall

How well is the tie constructed to lay?

And the Texture 

How finely crafted is the weave? Is it smooth to the touch and does the fabric glide over your hand?

A great hand comes together with quality of materials, the interlining, the details of the finish, and the care that was put into the construction.

A true tie enthusiast can spot a well made tie as if it were second nature. But you don’t have to be an expert in ties to know what qualities to look for.

As you begin to delve into the tie arena, you begin to pick up certain senses that will alert you to the qualities of the hand in which you seek.

With time and experience, you will be able to immediately tell whether a tie you are holding has a first rate hand or not. It just takes practice and understanding of what it is that you are looking at and holding.

“True aficionados, of course, seek a fine hand, because for them a tie is not merely a means of expression or an article of ornamentation. It is an object whose touch is delicious; at once firm and caressing, like living skin. It takes the skill of dozens of expert artisans and technicians to transform simple strands of fiber into the embodiment of this intense and subtle pleasure.” ---L’ABCdaire de la cravate.

We hope that we here at Chichi’s can have a hand in creating           wo mens ties that lends itself to embody what connoisseurs seek in a "first rate hand" 

…Chichi  !

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