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Proportion Makes the Difference

Wo men ties can go with an array of different shirt styles due to a women’s wardrobe being so versatile. It may be a little difficult to know what looks best on you with so much variety to choose from.

When we put on clothes or wear our hair a certain way, the overall goal is to make ourselves look and feel attractive. We want to wear clothing and accessories that complement our body shape and type and wear a look that is pleasing to the eye for those that see us.

The underlying goal for an attractive look is to create the allusion of proportion or what looks flattering on you. Or, if you are naturally proportional, how do you dress to accentuate that proportionality.

It's all about proportion.

If something is equally proportional, (all things being equal), then it looks good. If it is not, how can we achieve that proportionality visually? How can we make it seem like it is proportional?

Beauty and fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. What looks good on one may not look as good on another. But one thing is for certain, if it does look good, there is a balance that quantifies the underlying reason why something is appealing.

We are not here to tell you that your goal is to conform to a certain standard of fashion.

Our objective is to give you some tricks on how to create the look that you want just by playing with the lines that frame your face as a result of your shirt collar.

But first, you must have in mind what you are trying to accomplish before you decide to take away any tips that we provide.

Are you trying to create a look of proportion, or are you trying to play up what you already possess?

Are you looking to round out your face or are you looking to soften the hard lines. 

Maybe you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish. All you are trying to do is find tips that make you look as good as possible.

And that is why we created this guide and that’s what beauty and fashion comes down to….

How to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative.  

And you should be the only determining factor on what is positive and what is negative on you.

Whatever your goal is, remember, no matter what you read, ultimately only you should decide what looks good on you. No matter what the trend of the day is.

But, before we get into what shirts look best with our wo men ties, let us find what shirt looks best on you based on your face shape…

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