Exotic Tie Knots For Her

Unique tie knots was an unexpected surprise.

As we were searching the internet for instructions on how to tie a tie, thinking that  we would find maybe two or three ways to tie a traditional knot and that would be it, little did we know what treasures would be uncovered.

We stumbled upon some of the most unique and beautiful knots that we had never seen or heard of before. 

We were intrigued and super excited because these knots were so creative and inventive, we knew that they would work well with our company's goal.

The objective for us is to not only create a marketplace or market for women’s ties, but also showcase inventive ways that would inspire women to not only want to wear a tie but, do it in a way that was fun and fashionable.

Ties can be tied in hundreds of different ways, many of which look almost identical.

For the most part, traditional knots may look a little different, you may have seen them in various sizes, but for many, you really can’t tell which knot is which… if you pay any attention to the knot at all.

And, a lot of tie wearers really only know how to tie a couple kinds of knots, which generally look pretty much the same.

For a woman, wearing a tie can be a totally different experience. Women are not generally seen in a tie unless the occasion calls for it or are instructed to, i.e. work, uniform, private school, etc.

We at Chichi’s want to encourage women to change tie wearing from occasional to an everyday accessory. 
Not only do we want a tie to be a part of her everyday style, we want her to be inspired to wear them in unique and creative ways.

Fashion can be about creating designs and styles that are bold and totally new.

But, it is also about taking traditional styles and adding a modern twist to them to make them unique and trendy. By modernizing old styles, you can create new styles and still maintain the classic fashion in which you are modifying.

Because we realize that a woman cannot just assume a man’s style and wear it as is, in order for her to embrace a man inspired style, it has to be recreated in a feminine way. You have to chic it up by tweaking it so that it then becomes her own.

Our goal is not to take away the formality of wearing a tie. All we want to do is to make it more enticing for a woman by adding a little flavor by updating the styling of the knot and creating female friendly designs, all the while, maintain the sophistication of wearing a tie.

One way we have found to achieve this goal is to find non- traditional ways in which to tie a tie knot. Fun, fresh ways that are unique and creative.

The whole point of creating ties for women is to step away from the status quo. And what better way than with...

...Exotic Tie Knots.

What better way to introduce ties to women than with new style knots that makes wearing a tie for a women less awkward and more inviting.

That is why the knots that we have found would look great on women that says,

"Yes, I am a woman wearing a tie, usually designed for a man, but the way that I am wearing it says that I am all woman!”

Many men are not very adventurous when it comes to knot tying.

They may change the pattern of their shirts, suits, and ties, but as for tying a knot differently, outside of the tradition knots, that just hasn't caught on.

Because the majority of men haven’t much embraced or adopted the use of exotic knots, we feel that it is only right that we not let this art form go to waste.

What better way to showcase your unique style than with an ornate knot to go along with it.

Explore exotic tie knots such as:

The Eldredge

The Trinity

Merovingian / Ediety

Glennie Double

The Diagonal

  • Floating Spiral
  • Krasny Hourglass 
  • Onassis
  • The Left
  • Ostridge

We not only found pictures and illustrations, there were also some knots that we found that came with a video from the creator on how to tie the knot as well.

There are some truly unique and wonderful knot styles out there,
And to show you that we care,
We will continue to create, discover and bring to you styles,
Giving you a plethora of ways to make wearing a Chichi Tie worthwhile...


Do you know of a knot that we know not? Tell us about it!

Do you know of a knot that you would like to share with the world?
Tell us about it and we will feature it on our site.
Let us know and we will add it to our knot repertoire so that others can enjoy it too.

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