Handmade Silk Ties,
Precision Cleaning by Experts

Handmade silk ties require extra care and consideration. Taking your tie to just any dry cleaner is not advisable and frankly, it just won’t due.

What we recommend is that you send it to an expert who is skilled in the art of cleaning ties.

With that said, here at Chichi Ties  we will have such a service. Not only will our expert tie cleaning service prolong the life of your garment, it will restore you neck wear to its former glory.

We view your tie not only as a fabulous fashion accessory, but we also see it as a signature piece in your designer wardrobe.  And with this notion, we want you to be able to enjoy your wears as long as they can be worn.

A specialty tie cleaner is one that will thoroughly clean a tie by taking all the fabrics apart, cleaning each fabric individually and sewing them back together.

Because cleaning silk ties is a delicate process, an expert tie cleaning service, like the one that we will provide, handles this aspect of tie maintenance with ease.

Sounds expensive?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that it is actually very affordable.

We offer this service to our customers as a means to providing excellent customer service.

Although this seems like an absolute luxury, we look at our ties as an investment that can yield years of wear and we want to provide you with every means of protecting your investment as we can.

This option may not be necessary for some, given that if you were to mistakenly ruin your fabulous accessory, our prices are reasonable enough to have it replaced, but it is here if you need it.

Intrinsic value can sometimes be worth more than the price you initially pay.

Nevertheless, in situations where your tie has sentimental value, this service has significant value.

Given the quality of our ties, to invest into having this service rendered, would provide years of wear and enjoyment. 

 Some reasons you may choose to have this done are:

  • Your favorite design was discontinued and you were unable to purchase another;
  • Your tie has sentimental value and you want to preserve it;
  • You want to send in your spouse’s ties to have them cleaned.

Whatever your reason, expect care and exceptional service of your prized accessory.

Planning ahead and thinking of our customer’s needs is of the highest concern to us.

So, if you just happen to get a stain, spill, or splatter on your designer tie...

...Know that we are here to make sure it survives...

…Chichi !

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