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The Glennie Double

Mens Tie, Glennie Double, TiesForHer.com
Mens Tie, Glennie Double, TiesForHer.com

Another style to add to our wo mens tie repertoire, the Glennie Double. We must say that this knot is one of the funkier looking knots that we have found. It is created with a series of wraps and loops that make for a remarkable fashion statement.

You can create an even wilder look with the use of stripes where the end product produces a zig-zag pattern that makes this knot look even more extra-ordinary.

Because the finished product produces a shorter tie, it is advised that a sweater, vest, or blazer be worn to cover the ends.

But, however you wear this knot, poise and self confidence will be conveyed through this look. It is sleek and not too over the top, but just enough that it calls attention and maintains a sense of style that is fashionable and sophisticated at the same time. 

Mr. Alex Krasny, of AgreeOrDie.com, does such a wonderful job of demonstrating this knot here:

For those that love to read instructions, here are the written directions for how to tie this knot:

1. Start out with the long, wider end of tie on the right and the skinner end of the tie on the left. The shorter end should lay right above the 3rd button on your shirt.

2. Take the longer end and cross it to the left over the top of the shorter end.

3. Loop the longer end around the back of the shorter end.

4. Loop the longer end over the top of the shorter end and around the back again.

5. Loop over the top again but this time keep your finger inside of the loop and wrap the tie around the back a third time. The smaller you keep the whole or loop, the better. But you do want to keep some finger inside of it.

6. Now use your finger and pull the loop a little lower because you want the loop to be pretty low.

7.Wrap the long end around the tie once more but keep your thumb inside the loop that you created.  This wrap should now start to work its way up toward the shirt collar. You achieve this by wrapping the long end by switching your hand but always keeping some finger inside of the loop that was created.

8. Wrap the long end working upward towards your collar once more. The formula for how many times you wrap is 3 times down and 2 times up.

9. On the last wrap going up, finish by bringing the longer end around the back and up through the middle and pull it all the way out.

10. You now can take your finger out of the loop, it should be ridged enough to hold on its own. Take the long end that you brought through the middle and bring the long end through the top, first loop.

11. Pull it all the way through and adjust the fit around your collar by holding the knot and pulling on the long and short end.

Now, take the long end and fish it through the bottom loop that you created by holding your finger through it. Pull the long end all the way through and tighten.

12. Tighten the tie by twisting the loops with your hand while pulling on the shorter and longer ends of the tie.

13. Adjust your collar and get it crackin.

Fashionistas take notice. The Glennie Double will make a Chichi  wo mens tie even more noticeable to those that pass you by.

Have assurance in knowing that when you wear this knot, you will exude confidence that can’t be stopped...


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