Neck Ties,
How to Care and Wear

Neck ties not only need proper cleaning, there are specific measures you need to take to insure their appearance last for years to come.

Not only are the tips for cleaning silk ties important, but how to take care of the tie with daily use is just as important.

Caring for your silk neck ties is easy if you follow these simple, yet valuable tips:

  1. Never, pull on your tie to take it off
  2. Never wear it more than one day at a time
  3. Do not tuck in your tie
  4. Hang it up or roll it in a drawer
  5. Store in a dark place
  6. Protect your tie during travel
  7. Use Steam to Get Out Wrinkles

Never Pull On Your Tie to Take It Off

When removing your tie from a day’s wear, always remove your tie by unknotting it. Pulling the small end though the knot may damage and overstretch the fabric, detach the lining, and disfigure the shape of your tie.

When taking it off, untie in the reverse manner in which was initially tied. Gently separating the garment will prevent unnecessary strain and stress on the fabric.

Never Wear More Than One Day at a Time

Do not wear your tie more than a day at a time. Silk needs time to unwrinkled and return back to its original shape. Not only does wearing a tie two days in a row look tacky, it can cause permanent damage.

Yes, you can knot a tie and have it return back to its shape due to resilient construction, but to be able to take advantage of this feature your tie needs rest in between wears.

Never Tuck in Your Tie

No matter what, do not tuck in your tie. Your tie should lay flat at all times. Tucking in your tie can cause permanent creases and stress on the fabric.

While driving you should place you tie overtop of your seat belt for this same reason.

Never toss your tie behind your back while eating for this same purpose as well.

Hang it Up or Roll in a Drawer

For that reason you should never keep your tie in knots. To give your tie the rest that it needs, when you are through wearing it for the day, hang your tie straight. If unable to hang, roll it neatly in a drawer as a supplement to folding, folding can cause a permanent crease.

Store in a Dark Place

Another great tip to prolong the aesthetics of your tie is to keep it away from light while storing. Light fads a tie in time just as it does everything else. So store your tie away from a window in a dark closet or drawer.

Protect Your Tie While Traveling

If you are going to travel with your ties, invest in a tie travel case, preferably leather, that goes into your suitcase. If you don’t have a travel case for you ties, then spirally roll your tie into a circle and place it into your shoe. This will give it protection from bunching and wrinkling.

Use Steam to Get Out Wrinkles

If your tie should ever happen to get a wrinkled, do not iron it. One sure way to get the wrinkles out is to use steam.

Place your tie flat on a soft, smooth surface and use gentle steam.

If you do not have a steamer on hand, one excellent way to steam your ties is to allow your tie to hang in the bathroom while showering and allow the steam from the shower to loosen the fabric.

Not only are these tips advisable to follow for lady's ties, men can follow suit too.

Adhere to these tips and your ties will give you years of wear and use, and will look as good as the day you first put it on...

...Chichi !

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