Pratt Knot In The Beginning,
But Merovingian In The End

Pratt Knot but Not,
Merovingian Ediety Knot,

Similar to Pratt knot in the way it is tied in the beginning, but the finish is so Merovingian (Mer-row-vin-gee-en) aka the Ediety (ee-dee-eetee). We love this knot for the sheer fact that it is just so unusual. 

It looks as if your tie is wearing a tie.

How chic is that?! 

Not only is this knot exceptionally stylish, it was featured in The Matrix II which was worn by one of the characters in the movie.

In order to get the full effect of this knot, it must be worn with a tie with contrasting colors. Because of the finish winds up being shorter than normal, it is advised that this style be worn with something that can cover the ends.

However, if you favor a shorter tie and/ or expect to wear a blazer or vest with this style, then this knot should be alright with you.

Mr. Alex Krasny, of, so illustriously demonstrates how to tie this knot in a video found here:

If you are one who likes to follow step by step instruction via the written word, then you can follow our instructions as we have outlined here:

1. Keep the long end very long. Long end on the right and short end on the left.

2. Short end crosses over top of the long end to the right.

3. Long end comes from under the bottom to go over top of little end and through the middle. Pull long end all the way through the middle.

4. Now take the long end, going left to right, wrap it around the front and then up through the back and again through the middle. Pull the long end all the way through so that it now on top of the middle of the knot.

(Just like the Pratt Knot but in reverse)

5. Take long end and wrap it around the back moving toward your right and then going to your left.

6. Wrap it half way around the front and then take it through the top, through the middle again.

7. Create a very little flap on the back of the knot.

8. Take the long end and weave it through the back flap that you just created.

9. Pull it all the way through and adjust the tension.  Pull on the short end and move the knot up towards your collar.

10. Fold down your collar and tuck into vest or blazer.

11. Rock and roll with the rest of your day. So chic, so Chichi!

Not only will you be the topic of discussion when you wear this knot,

But we guarantee you will receive compliments on how great you look, that just won’t stop….

...Chichi !

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