How To Tie A Tie Knot Diagonally

How to tie a tie knot comes with hundreds, if not thousands, of ways in which one can knot a tie. 

However, this page is dedicated to The Diagonal Knot.

We love this knot because it's uncommon yet, very classy and moderate.

This is one of the more elegant of knots. It is unique in the fact that draws your eye to it with unusual lines but, sophisticated enough to be an everyday knot.

This knot is a little tricky in the fact that you have to adjust it a bit to make it right. But once you've got it, it’s all on the up and up from there.

Youtuber, Patrick Novotny, has done a tremendous job of displaying how to tie this impeccable knot here:

Diagram of how to tie this knot was provided by

Step by step written instructions on how to tie a tie knot diagonally are found here:

(Note: These directions are based on a mirrored position)

1. Lay the tie around your neck and adjust the little end near belly button.

2. Take big end over the little end and wrap around 2 times, around the back, across the front and around the back again leaving the big end facing your shirt with the stitches exposed to the mirror.

3. Now take the big end over the top and trough the middle and to the right.

4. This is where the diagonal part of the part of the knot comes in. Loosen the front loop that was made on the last pass in front of the center.

5. Take the big end and feed it through the knot with the big end front facing the mirror. If the little end begins to peek out, wrap the big end around it so that it covers the little end.

6. Tighten the knot by pulling the big end while holding the little end.

7. Adjust and Chichi on with your day!

This style would go great with a solid tie if you are just trying to keep a classic look going.

If you are looking for more definition in the knot, we would recommend a tie with stripes. But take into account the direction of the stripe pattern. You don’t want the knot to look too busy so not to give someone looking at you vertigo. And there will be a lot of onlookers.

We do not recommend this knot for patterned ties. It will create an undesired look that appears a little sloppy, and that isn't the kind of attention that you want.

We are providing you with suggestions that take your tie wearing game up not bring it down and have you looking like a clown.

Play around with the Chichi Ties that you have and find the pattern that looks best and works best for you. 

No matter what you choose to do, our number one goal is to help you to find what works best and what looks good on you…

Chichi !

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