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Wild Ties, Trinity Knot, TiesForHer.com
Wild Ties, Trinity Knot, TiesForHer.com
Wild Ties, Trinity Knot, TiesForHer.com

Out of all the wild ties that can be knotted, the Trinity knot is one of our favorites among the ornate knots of the exotic knot tying world.

This knot is unique in that, if paired with the right pattern, it commands attention and leaves a lasting impression.

What makes this knot so distinctive is that the shape looks like a hexagon and leaves onlookers in amazement as to how you can tie a tie into such a geometrical shape.

We love this knot because, excuse us fellas for saying it but, it looks kind of girly. A geometric flower of some sorts.

This knot fits perfectly into the"Ties For Women Handbook of Exotic Knots" because of it's feminine look.

Though not as tricky as the Eldredge, however, if you can get the Eldredge down, this one is easy-peesy.

As with all things worth doing, perfect practice makes perfect.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t get this knot with the first try. This is one of the more difficult ties but in the end it is worth the time.

So if you are in the mood for a look to take you over the top, then the Trinity is your go to knot.

Mr. Alex Krasny, of Agreeordie.com, has detailed how to tie this beautiful knot in a video shown here:

There are about 12 steps to tying this knot as diagrammed here courtesy of Blacklapel.com:

And if you like to read and follow step by step directions, Josefwigren.com explains it like so:

1. Set the tie around your neck, leaving the big end at the point you want at your belt loop. The Trinity knot is tied with the little end.

2. Bring the little end over and under the big end through the loop.

3. Bring it over the top of the loop and put it through on the same side.

4. Go around the back of the hanging end to the other side.

5. Bring the end over the left side of the loop.

6. Bring it behind to the right side of the loop.

7. Bring the end horizontally over the knot (keep it loose).

8. Bring the little end through the loop, over the knot and down through the horizontal loop that was created in step 7.

9. Bring the end around the back to your left side (keep it loose).

10. Bring the little end through the top loop.

11. Hide the remaining little end of the tie behind your loop.

Of all the wild ties that tying of a tie could be,

I guarantee that you won’t see another wearing a tie knot like She...

...Chichi !

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