The Windsor Knot,
Basic But Beneficial

A Windsor Knot is a great classic knot.

Chances are, every man that you see wearing a tie has tied their tie this way.

So when it comes to the Windsor, we can neither love nor hate this knot because it is the foundation from which all other knots where created.

Alex Krasny, of, was gracious enough to display how this knot is tied in video here:

Mr. Krasny also provided a diagram of this knot here:

For those that like to follow step by step directions, instructions are provided for you here:

1.       Hang the tie around your neck with the wide end on your left and the smaller end on your right.

2.       The tip of the smaller end should stop right around the second button of your shirt.

3.       Cross the wide end, left side, over the smaller end to the right.

4.       Bring the wide end behind the smaller end and through the middle. As you are bringing the wide end through the middle, the stitching on the back of the tie should be visible to the mirror to attest whether you are looping the correct side.

5.       Pull the wide end through the middle and to the left, creating a loop.

6.       Cross the wide end around the back of the tie, stitches facing the mirror, and around to the right and pull tight.

7.       Loop the wide end of the tie over the middle, in front, again and pull to the left. Stitches should be facing the mirror as an indication of accuracy.

8.       Bring the wide end around the front of the tie with the stitches facing your chest and bring it around the back, through the back, and over the top once again.

9.       Pull the wide end through the front loop that was created from the wrapping of the wide end, and pull down.

10.   To adjust to the correct tightness, pull the small end down while pulling the knot up towards your neck.

11.   Pop your collar and make the rest of your day your best!

If what you are going for is a universal knot that can go with any Chichi Tie, then you will do no harm by rocking out your tie with this style.

Though common and conventional, it deserves a place in our knot repertoire, not for the look but for it being one of the essentials that everyone should know how to tie.

And no matter how many people you see wearing this knot, you will not be sorry that you did because you can knot go wrong with the fundamentals.

And besides, it is not the knot that maketh a person’s style,

it is the style of the tie that maketh the person worthwhile.

 Just make sure that your tie is a Chichi and everyone will agree,

And no one will ever question how fabulous is she…


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