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How to Create a Designer Look

Designer fashion is all about accentuating and enhancing a client’s best features and to downplay features that do not add to a person’s appearance.

When something looks great on you, the contributing factor may be that it is properly proportioned your body type and correctly balanced with your head and facial features.

A well thought out outfit and properly fitted attire should attractively frame your face and body, resulting in a designer look, even if the look wasn’t very expensive.

It is about creating a look that is pleasing to the eye.

Proportion is the comparative relationship of one thing to another.
Designer fashion is the accentuation of perfect proportion.

For example, a really large couch could be considered out of proportion to a very small living room.

Just as a person with a very wide chin and a very small forehead might be said to have a head shape that is out of proportion. However, a well chosen hairstyle or clothes can create the illusion of better proportion.

You can make any outfit a designer fashion ensemble by customizing your look to work well with your body type.

So here are some basic guidelines in choosing a shirt collar that goes with our fabulous ties, to make what you have to appear more proportional.

If, and only if, YOU think that what you have is out of proportion.

And Remember:

The collars that are presented here are only to give you a general idea of the basic characteristics to look for in a shirt that may work well with your features.

The basic rules in creating proportion are:

  • Roundness softens hard lines
  • Hard lines give structure to softness

Now, let's take a look at face shapes and what collars complement each shape:


The oval face has a ratio of 2:3, in proportion, with the length being 1 ½ longer than the width. An oval face is very proportional and thus there are no features to compensate for.

The oval is really the basis from which all other face shapes are likened to or draw inspiration from, due to its proportionality. Creating a designer fashion look with any shirt can never go wrong with this shape.

Generally, any shirt collar looks great with this face shape:


Features that make this shape stand out are the full cheeks, rounded hairline, with a round chin and jaw line. The widest point on the face being the cheeks and the ears.

Avoid collars with width. They may make the face appear fuller or wider than it actually is.

Narrow shirt collars with points help to elongate a round shaped face.

Shirts that look great with this face shape are:


Temples of the forehead and jaw line are the same width. The face is longer than it is wide, coupled with a square forehead, jaw line and chin, are features that deem this face rectangular.

Similar to square shape, collars with a rounded edge will round out the lower portion of the face and soften the lines of the chin and jaw.

Collars similar to these would go great:


A triangular face has a narrow forehead with a wide chin and jawbone.

Avoid collars with a spread to avoid giving more width to the chin.

To soften up the lower portion of the face, look for collars with a narrow collar and a round edge to them, as to soften up the lower portion of the face.

Complimentary collars are:

                              Inverted Triangle                            

An inverted triangle face has a wide forehead with narrow chin and jawbone.  

Collars with a spread and a round edge would be ideal for this shape. The spread gives width the chin and the rounded edge softens the lower portion of the face.

Collars that compliment this beautiful face shape are:


Narrow forehead with pronounced cheekbones and a narrow chin and jaw line makes this shape so unique.

Diamond shape face should avoid narrow, pointed collars as not to make the jaw line even narrower.

Look for collars that add width to your chin to give you a fuller look to the lower portion of your face. 

Collars that have a spread are a great compliment to this shape:


This shape is characterized by having a long and slender face with the forehead the same width as the cheek bones and just below. Features of an oblong face may also have a very narrow chin or long forehead.

Shirts that work great with this shape are shirts with spread collars. A spread collar gives width and balances out a narrow chin.

Complimentary collars are:


Heart shaped faces are characterized by having rounded, wide temples and hairline with a soft rounded chin.

Look for collars with a small to medium spread with a slightly pointed edge. An edge with a slight curve to it could work great as well.

Collars that can take a look for this shape over the top are:


Temples of forehead and jaw line are the same width, a square jaw line and an equally square forehead gives this shape its unique characteristics.

Look for collars with a rounded edge as to give the chin a softer, rounded look.

Customize your look with Collars such as:


Similar to the triangle shaped face, pear shaped faces have more of a rounded chin and jaw line and a narrow forehead.

Collars with a narrow point will even out the chin and give it a narrower appearance.

Collars that work well are:

Designer fashion is all about custom looks that work well with your body type. If you follow these guidelines when choosing the right shirt for your face type, you are shore to look like a million bucks.

Remember, these are just tips to help make your look with our ties complete.

Ultimately you should be the determining factor for what on you looks chic.

We just want to help you make your look custom and unique…


Need help determining your face shape? Ask the experts.

Are you having trouble determining what your face shape is? Let us take a look. Upload a picture of yourself and let our experts tell you what we think.

Oval, square, heart, or oblong,
We can also tell you what shirt collar goes along.

Everyone's face is beautiful and unique, and we promise never to critique!

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